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Finally did it (a true story)

She sits up and stretch’s and i can see down her shirt just enough to bring my dick back up so hard that I’m pitching a full on tent in my shorts.

I looked away super fast cuz I was so embarrassed. Luckily my room was really dark so my girl could sleep unbothered. She must not have noticed I assumed. I asked her if she’s tired so we can sleep and she said no and to put on another movie. I let her lick this time and she says I don’t want to feel sad anymore so let’s watch a scary movie, I tell her I don’t really like them and she says neither does she so we can hold each other so we won’t be scared. I swear if my dick got any harder it could poke a fucking eye out. 

She grabs a blanket and puts it over us then she lays back on my chest and starts the movie. It actually ends up. It being good at all be she is either really scared or just pretending. Now I’m nervous as fuck cuz she smells so damn good and my dick is rock hard and inches away from her butt. My arms are wrapped gently around her waist, I didn’teven know I had done this at some point. Then there was a jump scare and we both got scared because of how quiet it was. 

She turns really fast into my chest to cover her eyes, I thought she was really scared. I went to stop the movie when I nocited her hand was on the strap of my shorts. 

I freaked out internally and my dick twitched super hard. 

She felt it move but her hand didn’t move. She looked up at me and I nervously asked if she was ok. I was really freaking out. She asked me why I loved her sister and I felt so awkward telling her all the things that make me happy about her. She told me how lucky her sister was and she started to tear up again, I had no clue what to do. So I put my hand on her head and began to pet her softly. She smiled at me so cutely that I think I was blushing. I wanted her so bad but the guilt was really getting to me, so I just sat there trying not to bump my dick into her hand again. 

She asked to kiss me. I didn’t know what to do, I said nothing. 

She pushed her soft lips onto mine and I fucking melted hard. I fell back into the pillows stacked behind me. She pushed herself up closer to me and her hand wascovering my crouch over my shorts.

I swear I thought I was going to come right there in my shorts it felt so good to have another girl touching my junk. She smiled this sexy smile I’d never seen from her before and all my doubts were gone. 

I grabbed hold of her ass and squeezed her cheek so hard that she let out a squeak. I quickly covered her mouth and looked at my gf, the guilt was back. She lay there unbothered, like I said she was done. Her sister grabbed my face and kissed me again, and I needed her back. She went onto her knees and took my dick out of my shorts.

 She told me she knows I don’t get my cock sucked at all and she took me into her mouth her tongue game was so strong that she had me sinking my finger last into her hair and pushing her head down hard as I came so fast. It had been months since I felt a mouth on me and I thought I was going to scream super loud. My legs were shaking between hers. 

We started making out really hard. She had her hand back on my dick and was jacking me off. I was still pretty hard and was really excited from having such a good blow job she had me back to hfully erect in no time. She pulled her shorts off and I stopped her as she went to remove her panties. I said we would be too loud and her sister would definitely wake up this time. She gave me such a pouty look and said I was being mean and selfish. I got up and told her to follow me, the House was quiet and everyone had long since gone to bed. I checked in our spare bedroom and no one was using it that night. I snuck back into my room and grabbed a condom, we had so many that I knew my gf wouldn’t notice since we hardly had sex anymore. I found her sister laying on the bed completely naked her clothes tossed into the corner. I climbed onto the bed and proceeded to put the condom on and she gasped. 

She told me that it wasn’t fair that I got to cum in her mouth and not her pussy. I threw the condom on the floor and said fuck I’ve gone to far to back out now. 

I spread her legs and pushed my head gently into her just to ease it in and get her used to it. She grabbed me and pulled me all the way in so hard that I came instantly. 

She was so upset that I thought she would tell her sister. 

Instead she told me she would be getting hers. 

She laid me down and placed her pussy on my face and I began to eat her out. I could taste my cum and I got turned on enough to pop a soft chub, she took that as her que to start sucking again. I went full hard one more time and she started to really ride my face hard, I was having trouble keeping up. This girl was supposed to be a virgin I had thought but she moved like a pro. When she was satisfied with how hard I was she flipped around so fast and had me inside her before I knew it. I thought for sure I was going to disappoint her again. But she squeezed down so hard that I felt it stopped, which had never happened before. I lay there shocked and she claimed that she learned it from a porno. I asked if she was really a virgin before tonight and she said yes in such a sweet warm way that I believed her. I pulled her closer and kissed her, I told her I was sorry for taking that from her and I’m sorry I cheated on her sister. 

She straight up told me to not be such a bitch about it because she knew I wanted her and she had planned this for a while. She told me she saw how bad I wanted her last time and that she took my dick out the last time I was passed out cold. I was stunned. She said she had gotten caught by her sister looking and that’s why she hadn’t come over in a long time, but her sister forgave her cuz she knew she was just curious. I asked if my gf knew she wanted to have sex with me and she told me she thinks so. I said fuck it one more time and I kissed her hard again. She started to ride my cock really slowly but hard. I hadn’t had such a tight lussy in so long that I didn’t know how long I would last this time either. She started to really ride fast and rough that I was sure I was going to blow my load any second. I was thrusting up as fast as I could manage and she was meeting me push for push in perfect symmetry. I never felt so alive and full of passion since my first girlfriend so many years ago. She said she was getting close and that made me want to cum even harder. I warned i was almost there and she told me to keep going, that it didn’t matter because I already came in her once. I couldn’t deny myself doing it again, I didn’t know when the next time I would be getting such good pussy again let alone the mediocre sex I was barely having now. She leaned forward as she said she was cumming and she bit down on my chest so hard that it sent me into overdrive. I pulled down on her hips and began to furiously pumped away at her hot tight body. She moaned into me and really sunk her teeth in as I exploded for the third time that night into what was probably the best pushy I’ve ever had. 

We lay there shaking in our sweat and juices my penis still firmly inside of her. Her body kept sending little quakes of pleasure into her pussy and choking my cock in the best way imaginable. We kissed aand cuddled for an hour before she got off of me and got dressed. My heart sank so fast, I felt guilty for cheating but mostly because it was over. The bed was a mess so IMO cute the comforter off and placed it in the washing machine to clean. She followed me in and gave me one last blow job. I came all on her face a bit but I was so spent that it want much. She cleaned it of with her fingers and swallowed it.My dick refused to go back down after that. 

We went back to the guest room and I gave her a new blanket and we kissed passionately before I went back to my room. 

I came back into my room and as I lay down my gf rolled over in a drunken sleepy haze and asked me where I went. 

I didn’t know what to say at first because I felt so guilty but I quickly told her that her sister was feeling sick So I took her to the restroom to throw up and then I took her to the guest room to sleep it off. She smiled and kissed me softly and told me I was so sweet, the guilt was back yet again. My throught felt so dry, I was genuinely scared to tell her. She turned over and pushed her butt into my crotch. She felt the hard on I still had. I panicked again. She looked at me and asked me to fuck her. I didn’t know what to do so I took my dick out and she pulled her sweats off. I went to put it in but she stopped me, she said I forgot to grab a condom. Shit, I was so used to using them with her that I usually grab them automatically when we would have sex. She told me to get one, damn I was in the clear. I put it on and shoved myself inside her, it just wasn’t the same.

I felt my dick getting soft. 

That had never happened before. She tells me to fuck her hard, she’s still clearly drunk cuz she never talks “dirty” like that. I swallowed my pride and started think of her sister and I felt my voice stiffen again. I began to half heartedly pump away at her. She was moaning so softly that I knew it was enough. She covered her head with the pillow because she hates it when I look at her faces she makes. I heard the floorboards in the hallway creak and my door cracked open. It was her sister, she smiled st me and winkied. I gave her a look like I can’t finish. She pulled her shirt down and let one her breast out, her nipple was hard enough to cut diamonds. She put her hand down her shorts and began to finger her self. 

I became more arroused and began to band away at her sister without looking away from her. Her sister began moaning louder I felt myself getting ready to blow as well. Her sister came and just lay there in that same lame way she always did, I kept slamiming away like I always did. Her head was still covered, I pushed down on the pillow wishing it wasn’t her. Her sister smiled so sexily and toook her hand out of her pussy, it was covers in her delicious juices, she licked them and sucked off every bit. 

I pushed deep into my gfs now unsatisfactory pussy and I came harder then I thought I would have. I pushed even harder down on the pillow and she began to squirm. I looked away from her sister and let go of it as I rolled off my gf. My girl looked at me and smiled telling how good thane thought she did cuz I came so hard for her (eye roll) I looked to the door really quick and her sister was gone. I got up and told my gf I was going to shower, she was already back to sleep. Pathetic. I tossed the condom and showered away my well deserved sins. My dick was so sore but I couldnt help it I jacked off in the shower to her sister. Nothing came out, I was officially done. I hoped her sister would join but she never did. I awoke the next day as her sister was leaving, my new lover and crush, my gf was nothing to me now. She hugged me goodbye and there dad picked her up. My girlfriend told me how her sister said she was crying last night and I comforted her before she became ill. She said I was so sweet that I deserved some more sex. I lied and told her I was so spent from the great sex she gave me last night. She smiled and told me it was ok. All I could think about was hoping we could have her sister over again next weekend. I crave her again.